On Fridays We Fight! Fighting Leukemia

Samuel Mascorro, only 8 years old, was surprisingly diagnosed with leukemia in early October, 2019.

In early October 2019, Samuel Mascorro was admitted to Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, CA for several days to receive immediate chemotherapy treatment for newly diagnosed leukemia.

Thankfully, it was caught very early allowing for chemotherapy treatments to begin immediately. Sam will continue chemotherapy treatments for the next 3 years at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, CA. With copayments and traveling to-and-from Stockton, CA twice a week, costs will continue to accumulate for his parents, Ed and Angelique Mascarro.

You can help with these costs! Donate to Sam’s parents, Ed and Angelique Mascarro, through Venmo to @EdMas

Supportive family & friends

On Saturday, November 2, 2019 their first fundraiser was held at the VFW Luna Post 52 in Stockton, CA. Bingo & raffle prizes helped to raise a significant amount to catch up on medical expenses. The hall was filled with family and friends ready to help and support Sam!

The hall was filled with family and friends ready to support Sam!
This is one of two filled tables of Bingo prizes. Thank you to Vanessa Rodriguez (L), Yolanda Rodriguez (R), along with Joanne Rodriguez and Kathy Muro (not pictured) for organizing this fundraising event.
A current fundraiser for Sam’s healthcare costs is a #SamStrong t-shirt for $20.00. You can contact Angelique Mascorro by Facebook Messenger by Dec 1, 2019 to place your order!

What is leukemia?

According to American Cancer Society, “Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens, accounting for almost 1 out of 3 cancers.” There are different types of leukemia, however, they all affect cells of the blood and bone marrow.

  • Know the signs This can be difficult because symptoms can vary depending on which blood cells are affected, either red blood cells or white blood cells. Symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, on-going infections with or without a fever, bone or joint pain, could be caused by other illnesses however it’s best to be aware that these could be early signs of leukemia.
  • Know when to see a doctor When you start to recognize symptoms, you should contact your doctor. They will be able to determine the cause. If they suspect leukemia, further testing, such as blood tests but may also include blood marrow biopsy or lumbar puncture, will be done to determine the type of leukemia.
  • Know how to treat it There are specific treatments for different types of leukemia. Some include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. These decisions are made by the Pediatric Oncologist and their care team.

You can help Sam fight leukemia today! Donate via Venmo to @EdMas

#SamStrong Fighting Leukemia

Do you know someone who has leukemia? How did you help them? What advice can you share? Thank you for helping Sam fight leukemia!

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