On Fridays We Fight! Immigration Detention Centers

We can all do something when we start where we are and with what we have.

There are many ways to approach the humanitarian crisis that is happening along our U.S. and Mexico border. Personally, I’ve felt overwhelmed with the horrible news and images that we have seen in recent years and more so in recent months. From wishing I could be a real life Wonder Woman and smash through walls to help each child find their family to feeling utter helplessness understanding that political leaders are responsible for improving the immigration policy. I don’t do well with the feeling of helplessness. I find ways to help. 

Here are three steps to take action on this overwhelming issue.

Find local opportunities to connect with like minded people. I.C.E. Out of Stockton, Faith In The Valley – San Joaquin, and Lights for Liberty are different organizations with the same purpose of advocating for immigrant families.

Choose a way you can help. On July 12, 2019, Lights for Liberty will hold a national vigil to protest the immigration detention centers. Our closest location is in Manteca, CA beginning at 7PM. The organization, Families Belong Together, has several ways you can help online. When you click to their site, the first call to action you’ll see is to call your representative at 202-224-3121 to demand closure of the camps.

Stay consistent. Last year, The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department ended their contract with I.C.E. to house suspected deportees. They specifically cited that constant public protests against federal detention policies were too great an expense on their department to continue this contract. 

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