Lights for Liberty

Join Lights for Liberty, a world wide candlelight vigil to close the immigration detention centers on Friday, July 12, 2019. 

Find your closest candlelight vigil by searching Lights for Liberty. This event is organized in collaboration with many organizations such as, New Sanctuary Coalition, Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, and The Hope Border Institute. They’ve come together to coordinate this world wide event to protest the inhumane conditions of U.S. detention centers. Through protests, not only do we spread awareness with our communities but decision makers take notice.

Flyer image of Lights for Liberty candlelight vigil on Friday, July 12, 2019. The image is the Statue of Liberty handing her light to an immigrant child who is trenching out his hand to reach it while another person’s hand is grabbing the child to pull them away from the light.

Closing the immigration detention centers is the right thing to do because the lack of oversight has lead to inhumane conditions, unfortunately including death. Let’s not forget there are still children who have not reunited parents! These centers are only causing more harm.

Closing immigration detention centers will take action. Are you willing?

At tonight’s Lights for Liberty remember to share via Facebook live @Lights4Liberty, Twitter @lights4liberty, and Instagram @lights4liberty using the hashtags #lights4liberty #dontlookaway #endusconcentrationcamps.

It won’t end with one candlelight vigil. On-going protest effort is needed. Read how continual protests closed a camp in Northern California

Using an immigration detention center is only one piece within the U.S. immigration policy. There is so much more to this complex issue. A look back into history and we can see how our U.S. government has been directly involved in creating the conditions we see today in South American countries. A look into our current immigration policies and we can see how decades of neglect and broken promises have not provided a better system. A look to the future and we have to be prepared to face our policy failures in order to work together to improve them. 

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