On Fridays We Fight! VOICES: Childcare

VOICES: Childcare hosted by the Stockton Younger Women’s Task Force is an opportunity to voice our concerns on childcare in Stockton, CA.

Founded in 2016, The Stockton Younger Women’s Task Force was created to give younger women, between 18-39 years, an opportunity to gather together and fight for social justice. Since then they have held several meetings, forums, and partnered with like organizations to empower young women. Their new project VOICES stands for vocalizing our identities, cultivating empowered Stocktonians.  VOICES: Childcare starts a conversation on childcare needs because it is a crucial resource needed as women attempt higher education and advance in careers. 

Attend VOICES: Childcare in Stockton this evening, Friday, June 14, 2019 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

VOICES Childcare

Ready to lend your voice to the conversation? Here are 3 ways –

Share your perspective. They hope to work as many mothers and community members as possible. Collecting this information will help focus in on specific projects addressing childcare. 

Can’t make it? Register for the informational webinar. Then follow up by sending them a message or email with your concerns. 

Follow Stockton Younger Women’s Task Force to keep watch for surveys and focus groups on this project.

I’ve struggled in my own attempts at finding childcare. Thankfully I’ve had my family to help. I remember being unsure and doubtful when searching for daycare outside of my family. Reading horror stories doesn’t help. Using services like Family Resource and Referral Center was helpful however I admit I still was concerned. I just simply was not sure whether I wanted my child with someone else. Thankfully, with my youngest son, I have found a wonderful daycare center that has been a great place for him to grow. I hope the conversation at VOICES: Childcare helps us all find solutions. 

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