On The Road! Nissan presents Bloggin’ Mamas Safety Academy

Nissan presents Bloggin’ Mamas Safety Academy Sponsored

Confession – I am nervous and scared to let my kids drive! It’s the reason I delayed teaching them how to drive! I regret giving in to that fear. However, I now understand that it’s actually something deeper that I didn’t know would effect me.

I was in a car accident when I was 5 years old. Back then there were no seat belt laws or regulations. I was sitting in the front seat of my dad’s Plymouth. When another car ran their red light and T-boned our car, I was lifted up from my seat and hit my head on the windshield. I don’t remember that. I do remember waking up, sitting in the street with a paramedic talking to me.

Some of that fear stirred up as I was teaching my daughters to drive. Whooaaa! Who would have known!? My intention was to learn more about Nissan’s car safety features in hopes to settle my fears. I attended the Safety Academy on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. Thank you Nissan for presenting the Bloggin’ Mamas Safety Academy at the unique Mersea Restaurant on Treasure Island, California!

Enjoy the delicious food and unique atmosphere of Mersea Restaurant located at 699 Avenue of the Palms, San Francisco, CA 94130
I’m impressed Nissan! With many car safety features plus they are leading the industry with Rear Door Alert. 

We began with a review of safety data with Danielle Bojanzyk, Senior Engineer, Nissan North America and Marlene Mendoza, Purchasing, Nissan North America. The first statistic was alarming! AAA reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Hispanics from 1-34 years of age. I think it would be interesting to find out why this is. We have to do better!

Thankfully, we went over all the standard safety features inside each Nissan vehicle. We were able to drive Nissan’s latest models around Treasure Island. These safety features passed the test!

  • Around View Monitor (AVM) provides a virtual 360-degree view around the vehicle
  • Moving Object Detection works with AVM to inform the driver of moving objects it detects near the vehicle
  • Blind Spot Warning alerts driver if a vehicle is detected in the blind spot area
  • Lane Departure Warning informs the driver if the vehicle is getting too close to the lane markers
Relaxing and enjoying the view with Kathy Lisam of Kangaroo Mama. Follow along at @Mama_Kangaroo on Twitter and @kangaroomamajourney on Instagram.
We’re ready to ride with Camille in the driver seat! Camille Kimball-Hall is creating magic at Sparks of Magic. Follow along at  @camilledashana on Twitter and Instagram.

We were all impressed with Nissan’s new Rear Door Alert technology! It monitors whether the door switches have been opened or closed. If it notices that the rear door was opened prior to a drive, but not afterwards, it alerts the driver via the gauge cluster and an audible horn chirp. Click the link for a quick video. It can be turned off temporarily or permanently but why would you do that?!

Amazing key points
– Available on the 2018 Pathfinder as standard equipment
– Will be standard on all four – door Nissan nameplates within four years

I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about car safety. This event was definitely an eye-opener for me. Which car safety features are a must for your car? Let me know in the comments below.

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