Quick Family Adventure in San Francisco 

What does life balance look like? It’s knowing you can take a half day showing your recently turned 18 year old the world…or a small slice of it.

Preparing for this trip took some planning.

  1. Know the goal. The whole goal of the trip was to show my daughter how to navigate public transport in a large city. We would travel from car to BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to Muni (San Fransico Municipal Tranportation Agency) to walking just to get to our destination.
  2. Pack light. Taking just the essentials with us, she had her purse and I had the diaper bag. Important debit and ID cards were carried in my inside coat pocket.
  3. Time is not a factor. Although we were supposed to attend an art event at The Mexican Musuem, by the time we left Stockton, CA I already knew we were going to be late. After missing the BART then the connecting bus, I knew we wouldn’t make it. But we did get to walk around the museum which was good!
  4. Appreciate the adventure. Remembering the goal, keeping ourselves light, not worrying too much about time, we were able to enjoy ourselves.
  5. Eliminate distractions. Lastly, but most importantly, my other children were with Dad. Trusting your husband, partner, or caregiver (i.e. Grandma) is an important piece to peace! While we were out, he took my other daughter to her soccer game then took the boys to watch Royal Rumble at a friend’s home. Yeah, we love our wrastlin’!
Our destination was the Mexican Museum at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California. We had fun making our way there.
Traveling while nursing used to be a challenge. I’m glad there is more acceptance of breastfeeding mothers. Read about my experience in this post.

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