Road Trip Through California

I took this quick photo of a vineyard as we drove home from Santa Cruz, CA.

My love for taking a road trip through California started early

My love for taking a road trip through California started early. I remember my mom packing our suitcases for weekend trips to Southern California. I remember my father taking us on long drives around Central California for the day. Going to tourist spots are fun but I found the unique places, the mom-and-pop places, and places only the locals would know to be the best spots!

The best family memories are made on the road

Now, I try to do the same for my family. One of our first trips was when my oldest three were all under the age of 8. We planned a visit to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California. We started with a drive from Stockton to Pleasanton to catch BART. Then once we reached downtown San Francisco, we had to catch the MUNI to get to their location at the Palace of Fine Arts. However, now you can simply get off at the Embarcadero BART Station to be within a short walking distance to their new location at Pier 15. The memory we share of that early trip is priceless!

I’ll never forget my oldest daughter asking people on BART where they were going, how my younger daughter pinched her nose while we were on a very packed MUNI bus and always treasure how I held my oldest son in my arms all the way back to Pleasanton because he was fast asleep.

Now, when we travel together the older ones help with the little ones. ❤️

The Colón Family Road Trip Travels

Woman and child looking at art
A day trip with my youngest and oldest child to the Mexican Museum in San Francisco, CA
Man eating breakfast in a hotel lobby
My hubby and I enjoyed a getaway for the Wine & Chocolate Festival in Lodi, CA
Family at the Santa Barbara Boardwalk
My kiddos and I visiting Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Boardwalk after touring UC Santa Barbara campus.

Traveling safely after Covid-19

I wondered how we were going to continue our road trip traditions after the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s promising to find many counties within California following our State Public Health guidelines so we can begin traveling again. But we need to be safe while doing so. gives several practical tips for traveling safely. You’ll also find a few great tips to save money using your credit card while on a road trip!

  • Activities in wide open spaces such as hiking is recommended
  • Plan in advance to be aware of CDC guidelines for your destination
  • and my favorite – “Pack your patience and learn to adjust”

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