Successfully Planning For The Cost of Higher Education

The biggest stress factor in college planning is paying for college. ScholarShare 529 can help!

Among the various ways to pays for college, families have an option that they can control. ScholarShare 529 is California’s college savings plan and managed by the State Treasurer of California. ” A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs,” according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Parents can save for their child’s education in manageable amounts and watch it grow through a low risk savings plan. Here are 10 reasons to save with ScholarShare 529. I want tell you how you can do it!

Building a savings account can be challenging. But it can be done when you start early! With an initial payment of $25, then monthly deposit of $25 from age 2-18, you could grow $6000 for your child’s education. That’s a nice size scholarship!

Save early. Save often.

  • Tip #1: As soon as you’re able to stop buying diapers, put that money into a savings account. A box of Pampers diapers are approximately $25.00 which lasts less then a month. Commit that amount to a savings plan!
  • Tip #2: Immediately invest an amount from your tax return each year into a savings account. Learn how to get more of your money back with Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • Tip #3: Connect your ScholarShare 529 account with Upromise. Cash back from shopping online, eating at local restaurants, and traveling, is transferred directly into a ScholarShare 529 account in $50.00 increments. I love this option because I’m making purchases anyway and cash is transferred automatically!

Want to give your child a scholarship? 

ScholarShare 529 gives parents the opportunity to save for their child’s college education. When your child is no longer wearing diapers, commit to saving at least the cost of one box of diapers per month. With an initial $25.00 deposit and $25.00 per month from age 2 – 18, you will conservatively save $6,000 with ScholarShare 529. That’s a nice amount for a scholarship!

ScholarShare 529 literally has plans for everyone! This is a great way for the family to contribute to their child’s education.

How are you successfully planning for the cost of college? Do you have a ScholarShare 529 account? Let’s share more ways to save for higher education!

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