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Whether You’re “Starting Over” or a First-Time Parent, You’ll Want One of These

"Starting over" is the most common phrase I hear now that we have Titus, our new family addition. He's the youngest of my 5 children with an age span of 10 years from my next older son Aramis. "You're starting over?" "Oh my God, you're starting all over!" "What's that like starting over?" The answer is - well, it's like starting over. Literally.

Quick Tips for an Easier Well Baby Check Up ✔️

Keep your calm and your baby will keep theirs. Today's 4-month well baby check up took a lot longer than normal. It happened to be the start of the flu season and there were several sick babies in the office today. How I made our well baby check up easier In the end, my baby did … Continue reading Quick Tips for an Easier Well Baby Check Up ✔️