Learning My Family Story

April 25th is National DNA Day. Do you know your ancestry? Now would be a great time to figure out your family story! I'm learning my family story and ancestry. I found interesting connections to Stockton's history.

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Local Spotlight: Order To Go Stockton

Support Stockton restaurants with an order to go. Take a look at the list provided by Visit Stockton and a few of my favorites. #DineStockton #howshedoesit #supportlocal

Movies To Watch During A Quarantine

Movies To Watch During A Quarantine

My hubby and I have 5 movie recommendations to escape reality of our California quarantine. Enjoy!

California woman running down steps in a luchador mask to vote on March 3

On Fridays We Fight! Super Tuesday is March 3rd

The California Primary comes early this year. We are joining the 'Super Tuesday' states now on March 3rd. Let's talk about where to cast your ballot, why vote in the primary, feeling better about it all, and last minute tips to cast your ballot in time!


Road Trip Through California

I took this quick photo of a vineyard as we drove home from Santa Cruz, CA. My love for taking a road trip through California started early My love for taking a road trip through California started early. I remember my mom packing our suitcases for weekend trips to Southern California. I remember my father … Continue reading Road Trip Through California