The Idea of College Starts Early

The Idea of College Starts Early | Expose your young family to the idea of college by taking them to college events on campus.


Prepare for College Conversations

Starting the college conversation early is important but how can we do this if we have little knowledge of it ourselves? Prepare yourself with various tools and resources.

Taking My First Step(s)

Taking My First Step(s) is 1 of 3 posts to share my career journey.

Expanding College Access With The Stockton Scholars Program

The Stockton Scholars Program launches on January 16 at 11:00am at the Bob Hope Theater!

Beating the Summer School Blues

Summer break comes to end and the Fall Semester starts next Monday. How did I survive?! Why am I taking classes now at this point in life?! Read on. Working towards a BA in Health Policy and Administration is my goal. After researching into various career paths and taking into account all of my skills, … Continue reading Beating the Summer School Blues

How to Encourage STEM Involvement for Middle Schoolers

We know our children have a natural curiosity for science. The next step is to encourage this curiosity into a rewarding college experience and career. I'll show you a few ways to get started with your child in middle school.

Going Back to College? 2 Resources You Need Now!

After so many years away from classroom curriculum I needed help getting back into the swing of things. I found two resources be extremely useful.