Woman wearing a blue luchadora mask in a superhero stance

An Inspirational Women’s March 2020 Near You

Women's March 2020 is Saturday, January 18th at cities across the United States as well as internationally. Are you attending a march? I am! See you there!

Woman with a child on her lap

‘How and How Much’ A Factor In Literacy

How you speak to your child and how much you speak with your child can make the difference in their literacy, a thirty million words difference!

A Look At Stockton’s Education System

Using an example, we'll understand the complex process of our education system and how you can find yourself within it. #howshedoesit #education #success

Local Spotlight: AngelAnn Flores, School Board Trustee

School board meetings and parenting? Yes we can! Meet Ms. AngelAnn Flores, SUSD Board Trustee Area 2 #howshedoesit #education #success