Switching gears

Switching gears, from interior designer to call center representative to medical coder, has been a bumpy road. However, it’s lead me onto a rewarding career path.


Local Spotlight: EDGE Mindset

Local Spotlight: EDGE Mindset | A professional development program for Latinas in the Revenue Cycle #edgemindset

5 Helpful Tips For Working Moms Traveling

Conferences and work trips require a certain kind of planning, especially for working moms traveling. Attending a conference will boost your industry knowledge, sharpen your career focus, and can open the door to career advancement. So, how are moms doing it? We definitely need to start sharing our stories to help each other. I found … Continue reading 5 Helpful Tips For Working Moms Traveling

Working From Home During Summertime

Working from home has its challenges all year round. Maintaining a workspace within the home, being accessible (or inaccessible rather) to our family, and drawing a line between "mom is home" and "mom is at work" are all challenges that we face. These challenges are especially difficult during the Summer months because everyone is home during our work hours. I've learned to overcome these challenges in three ways.