Hitting the Pavement Part IV

Last step before hitting the pavement - a tip to perfect your runner’s form.


Hitting the Pavement Part III

If running is on your to-do-in-2018 list, follow along with me as I get back into running condition. I love running! However, I had stepped away and was inconsistent for too long after having my son, Titus, two years ago. Hitting the Pavement is a four-part series, breaking down the beginner's advice I shared from … Continue reading Hitting the Pavement Part III

Beating the Summer School Blues

Summer break comes to end and the Fall Semester starts next Monday. How did I survive?! Why am I taking classes now at this point in life?! Read on. Working towards a BA in Health Policy and Administration is my goal. After researching into various career paths and taking into account all of my skills, … Continue reading Beating the Summer School Blues

Whether You’re “Starting Over” or a First-Time Parent, You’ll Want One of These

"Starting over" is the most common phrase I hear now that we have Titus, our new family addition. He's the youngest of my 5 children with an age span of 10 years from my next older son Aramis. "You're starting over?" "Oh my God, you're starting all over!" "What's that like starting over?" The answer is - well, it's like starting over. Literally.

Learn to Enjoy Running in 4 Simple Steps

Although I have a natural passion for running, I also had to learn how to run properly. I'll share what I learned, and how to do it in 4 simple steps.