Hitting the Pavement – Part II

I love running! However I had to learn how to properly before I really started to enjoy it. Join me as I get myself back into running after having my son Titus. Hitting the Pavement is a four-part series, breaking down the beginner's advice I shared from my previous post about learning to run. Part II … Continue reading Hitting the Pavement – Part II


#Seekender 40th Birthday in San Francisco, CA

When you celebrate a birthday in March it's such an exceptional time of year. Most often the weather is on our side; spring warmth, shining sun and cool breezes, especially here in California. It's a wonderful feeling! Amongst this beautiful weather, I celebrated a milestone, my 40th birthday, in my favorite city, San Francisco, CA doing … Continue reading #Seekender 40th Birthday in San Francisco, CA

Learn to Enjoy Running in 4 Simple Steps

Although I have a natural passion for running, I also had to learn how to run properly. I'll share what I learned, and how to do it in 4 simple steps.

Starting line of a race

5K Race Day with a Nursing Baby

Preparing for this 5K was a bit different than I've done in the past! I had to plan how I was going to nursing my five month old son on race day.