Learning My Family Story

April 25th is National DNA Day. Do you know your ancestry? Now would be a great time to figure out your family story! I'm learning my family story and ancestry. I found interesting connections to Stockton's history.

US Census 2020

Complete Your Census 2020 Survey Now

Everyone counts! Every 10 years, we have an opportunity to represent Stockton, California. Don't miss your chance!

woman on a pole at a pole studio

Local Spotlight: Combine Pole Studio

Local Spotlight: Combine Pole Studio | Strength, grace, and empowerment are all words that describe pole fitness at Combine Pole Studio.

Want More Of Your Money Back With Earned Income Tax Credit

In the United States, tax season is underway! This year, get your money back with the EITC - Earned Income Tax Credit. Today is National EITC Awareness Day!

piggy bank decorated as a luchador

Personal Investment: Investing In Me

When I started to invest in myself, I experienced real change in my mindset and determination. 2019 was an incredible year of events and workshops! Here's a list of where I invested in myself this year.