Balancing Act

Balancing Act is my wellness story for those struggling to find their health balance. It’s possible but not until we’re honest with ourselves. #wellness #health #balancingact #behaviorchange #howshedoesit

Switching gears

Switching gears, from interior designer to call center representative to medical coder, has been a bumpy road. However, it’s lead me onto a rewarding career path.

Without a Fight

When I became pregnant with my third child, again I wanted to stay home with my family. Again, I didn't have a plan and still didn't know how to talk to Juan about money. I left Simas Floor Company anyway. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my job back when I needed to return to work. I … Continue reading Without a Fight

A bed of yellow daisies along the sidewalk

Walking on B Street

Walking along B Street in Stockton, CA