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My Fitness Journey Continues

As I’m on a bit of an endorphin rush after a good workout, I’d like to share my fitness journey. My fitness journey continues!

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is my wellness story for those struggling to find their health balance. It’s possible but not until we’re honest with ourselves. #wellness #health #balancingact #behaviorchange #howshedoesit

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Eat Your Greens!

Eat your greens! With the best of intentions, we buy packages of pre-mixed salads only to watch them spoil within days. No more! Here's how to keep your salads fresh, mix in tasty dressings, and keep your goal to eat your greens this year!

Etiquette Rules of the Road for Runners

Knowing the rules of the road will calm your race day jitters and show that you are a courteous runner too!