Balancing Act

Balancing Act is my wellness story for those struggling to find their health balance. It’s possible but not until we’re honest with ourselves. #wellness #health #balancingact #behaviorchange #howshedoesit

On Fridays We Fight! VOICES: Childcare Survey

On Fridays We Fight! VOICES: Childcare Survey | Calling all mothers of children from 0-18 years old! Complete the VOICES: Childcare Survey to help assess child care needs in Stockton.

Don’t Miss Another School Activity!

School Activity Leave allows parents, guardians, and also grandparents time to attend their child's school activities. Learn what it is and how you can use it this school year!

5 Common Tips For Business Traveling Moms

Attending a work conference will boost your industry knowledge, sharpen your career focus, and can open the door to career advancement. So, what's holding you back from attending? Could it be some kind of separation anxiety? I didn't think that would effect me but this time it has. Certified medical coders must earn Continuing Education Units … Continue reading 5 Common Tips For Business Traveling Moms