Turn a Day Trip into a College Tour

Turn a family day trip into a college tour. After experiencing the college application process with my older daughters, I’ve learned a way to lessen the anxiety.

Our family took several day trips to near by colleges for campus tours. By taking tours, we were able to get a hands on feel for the campus and campus culture. Touring gives you a chance to ask questions like whether your student feels comfortable on a large or small campus, whether they like a large city or small town atmosphere, and what kind of resources are available on campus.

Ready to take a college campus tour? Here are 3 steps to make it easy!

Beginning by narrowing down local colleges within a drivable distance. I recommend no more than a 3 hour drive time. Remember this is a day trip! 

Second, review college campus tour websites for walkable tours and guided tours. I recommend a guided tour which are led by current students. This will give the best indication of the campus culture.

Lastly, note 3 things to see or learn for each campus. If your student knows which subject they’d like to study be sure to ask to tour that department. If you want to know where your student will sleep and eat their meals, make sure to ask to see the dorms and common areas.

Have fun touring campuses! It can be an overwhelming time for all in the family. Make the most of your time experiencing this together. Good luck to you and your student!

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