Viewing Politics In 2020 With 20/20 Vision

If only politics could be as clear as 2020 vision! Why I break it down to see it clearly.

Politics is overwhelming. With access to so much information, we have the ability to be well informed and burdened at the same time. Learning how to understand politics for ourselves is very important to me. It’s why I’ve started this series of blog posts, On Fridays We Fight! I‘d like you to understand how to make your own decisions.

Personally, I enjoy talking about politics. I like learning why things are, how they came to be, and discussing how we can make sustainable changes. All that can make for a heavy conversation! I’m certainly not a political expert. I may just be an expert at asking questions. But it wasn’t always this way.

My family were my first political teachers, even though they didn’t know they were. How they talked about our government, our laws, even their paychecks, all influenced my thoughts around politics. As I got older, I started to form my own opinions. I had additional influences like co-workers and friends. I politely listened and often didn’t ask questions. I really didn’t know how to have a conversation about politics.

Calladitas no more! Let’s talk about politics so we can make an impact in 2020!

Calladitas No More neon sign. Flowers surround the sign.
Thank you Robson Muzel (@muzel_la) for this photo from #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 (@weallgrow)

“Calladitas no more” is a way to proclaim you’ll no longer sit on the sidelines quietly. We have to be a part of the conversation. A way to begin a conversation about politics is to take a closer look at an activity we participate in regularly. We’ll see how it is affected and influenced by politics. We’ll find the agencies and the people involved. Then we can then discuss how our actions can either support current policies or how we can advocate for policy changes.

Each week, I plan to discuss different activities. Depending on the topic, I may dive deeper, but not without first setting a foundation of understanding.

Next week, I’ll start with my favorite subject, education.

What do you think?  

How have you learned to understand politics? What is something you’d like to better understand?

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