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Local Spotlight: Order To Go Stockton

Support Stockton restaurants with an order to go. Take a look at the list provided by Visit Stockton and a few of my favorites. #DineStockton #howshedoesit #supportlocal

Oregano tea

Oregano Tea Helps Clear Congestion

Oregano tea helps to clear congestion making it easier to leave the body. Oregano is an herb that has several benefits whether it is fresh, dried, or as an oil. Here's a quick recipe for Oregano tea.

Searching For Scholarships With Time-Saving Templates

It's scholarship season! Searching for scholarships is necessary to pay for higher education. However, it can be time consuming. Here are two helpful, time-saving templates.

Movies To Watch During A Quarantine

Movies To Watch During A Quarantine

My hubby and I have 5 movie recommendations to escape reality of our California quarantine. Enjoy!



Cheers to turning 43 this year! I’m feeling more determined, more focused, more bold than any other age. Who’s afraid of getting older? Not me!