On Fridays We Fight! Women’s Rights in Action

On Fridays We Fight! Women's Rights in Action | Today, I'm exercising my right to make choices that benefit my reproductive health.

Local Spotlight: Dolores Huerta at the Haggin Museum

Local Spotlight: Dolores Huerta at the Haggin Museum | A legacy for Stockton to treasure! The Dolores Huerta exhibit is on display through October 20, 2019. I was inspired during the opening night reception. What an amazing life and she’s still going strong! How can we help our children understand her life and advocacy? Sharing #ontheblog #DoloresHuerta #activist

Let’s Get It Together

Setting a schedule can be challenging when you're not sure where to start. Here are ways you can start to get it together! #howshedoesit #backtoschool #schedule #success

My boyfriend found my diaries so I had to throw them out.

My boyfriend found my diaries so I had to throw them out. Storytelling is personal. What better way to start than with a personal story of why stories mean so much to me.

Local Spotlight: Liz Montez started her cosplay journey at StocktonCon

StocktonCon August 3-4, 2019 | Liz Montez began to cosplay after attending her first StocktonCon in 2012. She shares her tips for getting started and how she includes her family in the fun. #howshedoesit #cosplay #StocktonCon

‘How and How Much’ A Factor In Literacy

How you speak to your child and how much you speak with your child can make the difference in their literacy, a thirty million words difference!