Everyone Counts For Census 2020

US Census 2020

Everyone counts for the Census 2020 because it is an opportunity to represent our communities, cities, states, and nation every 10 years.

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Everyone counts for the Census 2020!

The United States Census Bureau has collected information from the U.S. population for over 100 years. They analyze data and explain trends that affect our nation and economy to understand our dynamics and propose solutions.

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La Luz Center of Sonoma, CA wanted to raise awareness of the Census in a culturally engaging way. Censorteria was created with help from the Design Action Collective and Latino Community Foundation!

The Census is very important because it will count each resident of this country where they live on April 1 in a one-by-one counting method. Did you know it’s a U.S. Constitution requirement? The data will impact the following areas –

  • It determines how to allocate $675+ billion in federal funds to local, state and tribal governments for
    • Neighborhood improvements
    • Public health
    • Education
    • Transportation
  • It defines legislature districts, school district assignment areas and other important functional areas of government
  • It assists with planning decisions for community services for the elderly, build new roads and schools, and locate job training centers
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Everyone counts for the Census 2020!

Why Stockton needs help to be counted

An under-count can cost the city hundreds of dollars per person annually. In other words, less funding for important services and improvements for our city. The U.S. Census explains why Stockton is at risk for an under-count.

  • Households receiving public assistance: About one-half of a hard-to-count population lives in tracts where the percentage of households are receiving public assistance
  • Other leading reasons: Unemployment; people living close-to-or-below the poverty line; non-high school graduates; households without broadband subscriptions

Another important reason is the general fear and uncertainty about the Census. However, “under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, the Census Bureau cannot release any identifiable information… to law enforcement agencies” such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If personnel were to release information they would be penalized up to $250, 000 and could serve 5 years in prison? Protecting our data is taken very seriously.

You Can Help!

You can help Stockton count in the Census 2020 by becoming a Census Taker for your community. Read more about the opportunity here.

What you can expect right now

  • Households will receive an invitation by mail to complete the survey in mid-March 2020. I received mine on March 12, 2020!
  • Respond online, by mail, or by phone
  • Between late-March and end of April 2020 you will receive a reminder.
  • Census Takers will follow up with those who have not completed their survey between May and July 2020.

Make Stockton count in the Census 2020!

I used information from the Census to write my family history story. The information was available largely because of the Census! The Age Search information also determines factors for qualifying for Social Security and other retirement benefits.

This is the first time I’ve really understood the Census. I’m learning how important it is! Above all, the Census impacts many areas of our daily lives. What questions do you have about the census? Have you completed your survey?

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