On Fridays We Fight! Stockton Schools Initiative

The Stockton Schools Initiative empowers families to advocate for improved education policies.

The Stockton Schools Initiative (SSI) team works to break down the overwhelming status of our educational system into a discussion in which all  can participate. Students, parents, and concerned community members are able to weigh in on educational statistics and share their perspectives in order to find solutions.

Important policy changes are happening in our school district because of the direct advocacy training provided by SSI. When we learned that 3 out 10 of our high school graduates were eligible for University of California and California State University admission, we agreed this must be fixed! Students and parents learned how to effectively address our school board through community forums and at school board meetings to show how important implementing an A-G requirement is so that all of our high school graduates are eligible for College admission. In January 2019, our school board adopted a “College, Career, and Community Ready Graduation Requirement” policy! You can read the dynamic policy change here.

Learn how to understand the data and advocate for our children’s education! Register now for the Education Equity Summit on August 3, 2019 from 9AM -1:30PM at Hamilton Elementary School, 2245 11th Street, Stockton, CA.

I’ve learned more than I ever imagined by attending their workshops. They know how to make learning fun with interactive family workshops like the SSI College Camp. I’m so grateful for the SSI team! 



Join the fight for education equity! Here are ways you can get involved today – 

Follow the Stockton Schools Initiative Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Host an Ed Equity On The Go, Equity Plática, or roundtable with your community organization. They will bring the data to you to start a discussion within your community. 

Register now for the Education Equity Summit! On August 3, 2019 from 9AM – 1:30PM at Hazleton Elementary School view the data, listen to speakers, and discuss among the community. 

Education is the foundation for a sustainable life. Our education can never be taken from us! We must do all we can to ensure our children have equitable access. 

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