School Activity Leave For Your Child’s School Activity

School Activity Leave allows parents, guardians, and also grandparents time to attend their child’s school activities. Learn what it is and how you can use it this school year!

School Activity Leave, originally named Family – School Partnership Act in California, (Labor Code Law 230.8) allows for time off from work to attend school activities. I was surprised to learn this law was enacted in 1995! However, not every state has this law. You can search this article from Workplace Fairness to easily find your state and its laws.  

For Californians, this leave allows employees up to 40 hours per calendar year to attend your child’s school activity if they are in kindergarten through 12th grade. It also includes activities held by licensed child care providers!

RT: More working families should know about California’s School Activity Leave. If you’ve ever wondered, “How am I going to make my child’s class activity when I have to be at work?” then this info will help! #howshedoesit

School Activity Leaved used to go with my son on a school library trip
My son’s class would take weekly trips to the library. I was able to attend on occasion.

How you can use School Activity Leave

First, talk with your manager about this specific Leave before you plan to use it. In California, employers must have more than 25 employees at the same work location.

Some employers may require documentation. This can be a school flyer or letter. I suggest keeping the documentation on hand or scanned and saved in case you need to provide again at a later time.

For full time employees, you will use your vacation or sick time during the leave. For part-time employees, who may not be eligible for vacation time or other compensation time, the law allows you to use time without pay.

School Activity Leave used to attend my son's school conference
My son works on a math problem during his school conference. I appreciate using School Activity Leave so that I can attend these important meetings.

Planning made easier

The Essential Calendar makes planning easier by listing 3-months in one calendar!

Spread the word!

Did you know about this law? Not everyone does! When I asked my family and friends, less than half knew about the leave law. It can help avoid calling in sick, being late, or worse being fired. Now that you know about this law, will you plan to use it this school year? Share this information with your family, friends, and co-workers!

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